I cut down the wood first then made the fire into the cottage. When I was making the fire it was already dark. There was no windy and was very quiet. I felt something different than before because there was no voice came out anymore.

An hour latter I cooked the potatoes. I ate after it. In the middle of the night I began hunting polecat around. I didn’t find any. Then I was sitting under the big tree to watch over around me. A few minutes later there was a loud voice came out, all the trees were shaking look like an earthquake. I was very afraid and shocking. My whole body also was sweaty. I saw a bright-light was shining at me; it was look like the spotlight. Then a small child with scary face was coming toward me.

His both eyes look like a spotlight; he had curly hair with very small body. The ghost was wearing the red boat. I wanted to scream but I couldn’t, I took my traditional gun soon then shot that ghost. The ghost disappeared suddenly at that moment.

I suddenly ran quickly to come over the cottage. It was still midnight so before I came to the cottage I saw and old man was sitting inside of the cottage and licking the fire. I thought he was my uncle.

After I arrived the cotage there was nobody. There was no flame also. I began to realize that it was a ghost and I said myself “ I have found two ghost however I’am still alive “ . After I got this incident I stopped hunting for a month. I have never been that forest until now.

Written by

Bryan Sevianus Urwan


Copyright by KOMAPO.