Many birds float and swim in the lake. Some flocks and others are alone. Sometimes, herons or seaguls fly by . Those birds often fly alone calmly with the wind. They look relax, small birds fly a group. Those sights are so peaceful. La Kwan is a treasury of wild birds.

La Kwan Lake has very clear water so fireflies can grow or appear. We can see in early May like now. la Kwan is a secret place so the tourist have never visited there so far . We can see the fireflies on the La Kwan Lake at night. Many fireflies are glimer between the trees over the water. They look like an illusion so sometimes only two or three glimer. They like a brief vision when I see them. I feel that I’am in a dream.

From rainy season to dry, many plants grow there and birds do also. Skylarks sing joyfuly while seaguls, herons, and ducks screech huskily. I like sitting the edge of the lake near the shore or under the trees then listening the birds singing, the locusts chirping. La Kwan Lake has very cold water. It’s good for swimming, but be careful because the lake is too deep. I love the lake very much, it’s near my home and I go there anytime I wish. It is a peaceful and vigorous. I hope this part of nature will be kept untouched forever.

Written by Bryan Sevianus Urwan


Copyright by KOMAPO.