An Orphan and the Uncle

Written by : Bryan Sevianus Urwan

The story comes from regency of Pegunungan Bintang ,Papua Indonesia . This is a fact story that happened in a small village named ”Maika” nearby Nongme the distric of Aboy,Papua Indonesia.

Once upon a time, there lived an orphan with his uncle. He lost his both parents when he was child. An orphan was kind,loyal and poor. He kept the uncle’s house . The uncle was rich then he used to busy every day deal with busness.

When an orphan parents die there were many crimes like robbery ,killing,stealing etc happened in the village. Althought many crimes the villager didn’t know who was the criminal . They always blamed to an orphan who kept the uncle’s house .They blamed him every day without proof .He just argued them because he was fear .No one could depended him.

One day his uncle said; we will go to the forest far away from here,please prepared and packed our tools !. An orphan suddenly did what his unlce asked. The next day, they left early.They passed throught at the edge of river about 5 a.m . They brought a big pig that still a live . In the midle of the way an orphan asked to uncle’’ Why we bring this pig for,uncle? “. We will kill it and eat then back home tomorrow so keep spirit. Said uncle. An orphan was very happy then continue his way.

They suddenly arrived in the evening .They both made a traditional tend as soon as possible .After that they fallen a sleep soon because they were tired.There was no rain ,strom ,and wind .it was very quite of the night.

At tomorrow,an orphan woke up early .He took wood fire ,stone , and leaf.He prepared the place to cook the pig and the food.The uncle woke up and killed the pig with traditional gun. They both cut then cooked by bakar Batu/ burning stone (the traditional cooking from people of Papua ,especially the people of Pegunungan Bintang ).

After that they were sitting at the edge of river. The uncle asked him to cut the big wood and rope .Then the uncle asked him; please sing a sad song for me! Basi basa....basi Keleda.......sing an orphan thre times.

A few minute later,the uncle tied him with trunk .He covered with rope. “ What are you doing ,uncle? It’s ok! Everything is gonna be all right .The uncle said .” What’s my fault ? an orphan asked when the uncle was bundling him with big rope. I always heard that all villager blamed you. You don’t have parents.I don’t like if they blame. Finally he threw him into the river.

It was about 16 pm,there was no body accompanied him to back home. The scene rise up beautifuly from upper end of river.The uncle was very sad.He cried a loud .When he came back to home the villager found the thief and the criminals then put them in prison forever. Eventually the uncle killed him self and die because of regret and frustration.

The moral values from this story that:

1. Do not accuse others without proof

2. We don't be selfish, arrogant, and sceptic

3. Honesty to be fought

Bryan Sevianus Urwan, The student who studies at LIA Foreign Language School of Yogyakarta


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