Written by:   B. Sevianus Urwan

Folklore is partly cultural and historical wealth owned Indonesian nation. Generally folklore tells about an incident in a place or origin of a place. Characters that appear in folklore generally expressed in the form of animals, humans and gods. Function folklore as entertainment can also be a role model, especially folklore that contains messages of moral education.

This folklore comes from regency of Pegunungan Bintang –Papua. The Folklore occurred in one remote village called Kampung Borban ,Pegunungan Bintang ,Papua.

In Kampung Borban, lived a number of people. They lived harmony and hopefully without lack anything. One year, the pandanus’s fruits (a kinds of fruit like coconut which is always growth in cool climate area) season arrived. All of the villagers went to the mountain Mepum to (a big mount which located in KampungBorban) take the pandanus’s fruits. Before they went there, they asked to a wise young man for take care their livestock, children and property

When they arrived, the sky was darkness, the cloud blanket around to the mountain. They suddenly climbed and took the Pandanus’s fruits and placed in a house. They all were afraid and worry about the violent giant, because his coming near by. Around at twelve p.m, suddenly the strange noise voiced up and thundering on top of the mountain. They were afraid and worry for the giant’s attacking. They couldn’t go out anywhere, because the outside was taking care by his soldiers. He killed all of the villagers but some of them were saved.

Tomorrow morning, the villagers who had saved were gone home to their village. On their way, they met a wise young man and told to him about what happened with them last night when they were in that mountain. They said: “you didn’t go there, there was a violent giant was looking for us to kill. Let’s us back home to our village together”. I didn’t want to deny my plan and you had never passed my ancestor’s trace” he replied, then left them.

The end of his journey he met a villager who was wearing parrot’s fur in his head. He said to him: my little son, you can’t go Mepum, there was a violent giant and his soldiers were. The giant had killed our villagers including your father. We should go home to our village. The wise young men remain to argue and left them then continued his way.

The sun have sunk, song bird voiced, as soon as he arrived to the home where he and his father were built since he was a child. Suddenly he climbed of Pandanus trees, killing of polecat, taking wood caterpillar, and killing pigeon bird and then went his home. The days was darkness, chilled full of night, there was no stars glittering, he was cooking all of food by burning stone (Petrify in heating) at home. He just cooked the pandanus fruits that night. About twelve, suddenly there was thundering voice from that mountain. He was very surprised and fear.

A few minutes later, a ferocious giant directly was sitting on the top his house and tried to leaking up its roof. After that he leaked the roof and down to kill the young man. A wise young man took his traditional gun and killed a giant. The giant was fallen down into the ground and die.

The next day, a wise young man took a giant’s body and then brought him to his village, when he was bringing him, the giant’s soldiers were followed him .They couldn’t kill him because they were afraid .After he brought a giant to the village, he and all villagers were ate his meat.

The place where a ferocious giant die, there is a spring water. The people of Borban always call “isok porkotemnengi” . It means the killing a ferocious giant. The water symbolized a wise young man

B. Sevianus Urwan, The student who studies in English Letter Study Program at LIA Foreign School of Yogyakarta


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