Wiriten by Bryan sevianus Urwan

True or false?

If you have lots of friends, you‘ll never be lonely

If you join a social network, you’ll never be lonely

If you do a lot of texting, you’ll never be lonely

If you do good things for other, you’ll never be lonely

The answer to all four statements is false. Why? Having a lot of friends, joining a social network, doing good things for others, and always texting or send to black berry messages is no guarantee that you’ll never be lonely. Sometimes we always think that we do care for our friends but they do not care for us. It will be something that may hurt. Some other people look for many friends as much as collecting the games. They have a lot of friends on facebook , black berry messenger , twitter etc . The friendship on social network should be a good as to you as lifeless. When you feel alone, you keep checking your own mobile to see if there any friends have sent you a message. When you are already in lonely and you noticed that no one has tried to contact you, that makes you feel even worse.

The point is that “loneliness” is depend on your mindset . it always comes from your thinking . It is also from inside of a person instead from outside or external factor. So what should we do to overcome the loneliness?

1. Build Your self-confidence

Inferiority makes you loneliness. you got difficult or it is hard to reach out then be open to friendship when you don’t feel that you are worth another person’s interest .As God said “ you must love your neighbor as yourself . To enjoy the friendship you need to love yourself, but don’t be selfish.

2. Avoid self-pity or be exclusive

The more you love yourself makes you got a little friends, only a little like you. Love does not for its own interest. If we only focus on yourself, you become less compassionate and the others don’t like you. If you become an exclusive person, you don’t care for other even teach them the truth.

3. Don’t settle for just anyone as a friends

The one walking with the wise will become wise, but the one who deals with foolish or stupid fare badly. It doesn’t mean that you put negative perspective to anybody else then you will afraid to making friendship. However you have to be careful who want to be your friends. People believe that bad friendship destroys the good character and friendship will determine your character. The point is that your association determines your character and self-confidence.

Everyone gets lonely a times depend on the mater f degrees. When loneliness can make worse you have to know that it just your own feeling. Your feeling can be influenced how the way of your thinking. You have to believe that you have an authority to overcome it as well as you do. Be realistic your expectation for other. Reprogramming your mind with positive thoughts every day makes you a brave person in any situation.

Inferiority becomes a monster that you have to fight hardly. The important thing that you have to understand is do not compare yourself to other. You are very special and unique person; you have the potential that God put on your hands. Many people believe that human being is not perfect, but you are perfect. God create you perfectly as a human to be a free man for serving God will.

Sometimes you think that you must be a perfect person everything, but you have never be like that. God created us as special and we have integrity to build self –confidence. You never walk alone. God always be with you. Please be repent and find out the Lord and hold on His covenant right now.


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