I’m lonely, sick, hungry, and fear. No light that illuminates my path lonely and desert. When I fall down no one carries me out. I came over here, in Jogjakarta; I learn a lot of things to enrich my knowledge. Honestly I don’t have a father. I finished my study in Senior High School with myself effort in some years ago; I forgot how long I reach that success.

I live like without brothers here. And I don’t fine a friend who listen me on sharing what on my mind, to pour out my feelings. I always go to Campus on foot. When I am on my way, I always see many cars, motorbike, and bicycle in every road. Now people not interested to go somewhere on foot, this is the globaliazation climate, everything has changed.

When I back home, only a guitar beside me, yes it can listen enthusiatically what I share, it likes a mother who always be. It was given someone in 2010. Unfortunately I don’t know where he is. I will not forget in my whole life budy, because you are my best friend.

I have to look back to my home town for a while. Finally I find someone who always motivates me. She is about 45 years old. She always wakes up early then goes to piggery.She is a diligent, religius, firm, and dicipline women. She always comes home at 6 pm. I like her very much because she always prepares a lot of delicius foods.

She always pray when she wants to eat, works, or dues her activities. I am amze her because she can make gardening without the help of others, it’s wonderful. As I know she ever studied at Elementary School before married. She told me that she was in 6th grades then she didn’t continue her study. Now she is at home, she always busy with hers duty.

I have never met her for 8th years. There is no communication facility for sharing with me. I know that but Jesus gives me the strength to face this crazy words. I last met her after I finished my Senior High School study. Now I don’t know. I just can sing for her……..

Mom you tought me to hold,

Tears pouring rain,

To always be patient in trial,

Kneeling on the Lord ….,

You couplet formed bt prayer,

Take care of the crime,

Swept me away by the dust,

That will make me fall,

You are my inspiration in life,

You are my motivations in my steps,

Leads to swept the challenges,

Patient and care to create,

You are a hero Throguhout the ages,

Sweat makes science,

Crying makes light and bright,

Dust making a news spirit,

You set the caluds,

Will not disppear by the moon and strom,

Your love is eternal,

Where you stand,

Place me last steps,

Share them all miss the place,

My heart will always be an integral,

by the swift exposure to sea ,

by the anger of the earth ,

The angles white take a part,

You are mt inspiration.

(Bryan. S Urwan)

I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.”
— Roy Croft

Written by: Bryan Sevianus Urwan


Copyright by KOMAPO.