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“Is not a form destruction of the existence of Papua indigenous tribes that had existed since the formation of the Papua Island? Is not it also a confession of ignorance ruler for the identity of the Papuans tribe communities that have existed since a long time ago?

Our views is very clear that there is a systematic setting to state of the existence of Papuans through the bureaucracy of governments, private institutions, Religion, and the indigenous people by development .

In recent years, these settings have already taken the position of indigenous institutions sporadically and break that setting of Papuan people’s life. The indigenous Community became a fertile land for the government official to scoop up all the wealth. Inherent wealth become as the target of the transfer of human identity along with the accompanying identity.

The author is interested to review the reality of shifting the Papuans identities that is marathon significantly while most people don’t realize. There is a negation of the charismatic leader (the great man or big man) became a false leader, embedding clan or another tribes, the delivery of customary land because of the women, renaming a famous mountain and the destruction of sacred places sporadically.

Elimination of charismatic leader with fake, embedding clans, indigenous land and woman suddenly, the destruction of the village is full of politics interest.

It is very important people have to realize that now we Papuan do not live in a prehistory or old time and also not live in a jungle as you always think nowadays. We are living with the various type of human form all over the world.

We already have a fairly extensive insight about life and the development countries in the world like a village that experiences everything together at the same anyway. The progress of science and technology guarantee of this. Now there is no boundary between us, or there is no great men among us but the severity is always determines by the time and opportunity. Therefore, nobody can show off his foolishness to the Papuans with a dime or a pack of noodles or with a certain lure. Who has been involved politically is only attract people with a certain ways in order to destroy and to stop any conscious even life of Papuan dramatically. May I say that whatever those local political do manipulate with their cleverness, the time must explain the truth. Anyone can play politics but does it in professional, show the integrity as a role model leader no otherwise pursue the popularity by fooling the people of Papua as did by Gatot in Wamena –Papua.

The experience above remains us to open the pages of history the existence of the annihilation of Papua ethnic group’s identity. Some negations that should be realized by Papua younger generation is; the negation of charismatic leader (strong or big men) with false leaders (tribal chief). Negation charismatic leader according local tribes begin to put in place since 1940 until now. Entity charismatic leader is not considered as an important leader for the other tribes who comes over in Papua .They have legalized necessary negate the term of Kepala suku( The head of tribes) such as actually not very suitable for traditional leader for Papua tribes itself. It must be realized because it’s undignified manner, morality murder, and violating human rights.

The impact of the charismatic appears many false leaders are troublesome the resident. We are remained again by the last case in the Dani tribes of Baliem. Some people who claims as a head of tribes want to embed the symbol of the greatness (big men) to Billy Sumartyo who is the Commander of Indonesian Army to replace head of war in the region (as published on Jubi Dec-2014). Ethically, who do embedding this great symbol is wrong. This action is very embarrassing for both Java and Papua. Their actions have violated the human dignity of Papuans. It is better as a Papuan should maintain, protect the existence of cultural values, human kind and the same also as a Javanese, he should be appreciate the other culture and custom. While he is well-educated however why is not wisely does as Javanese that is adult customarily.

This is a good experience that teaches all Papuans to understand more about the reconstruction in mentioning the name of each community leaders and their properly authority as well as true and correct. It’s been a long time we are conditioned to always wrong in mentioning our identity with false identity. While the facts and right of the head of Papuan tribes according the translation of Indonesian and English will be “a great people (big men) or a charismatic leader. As we know Papua has a charismatic leader naturally through by election as doing by Javanese, Makassar, Batak or other Indonesian islands. A charismatic leader is always strength base on the natural traditional house or villages which is a number of clans with authority areas recognize together, then while it never claimed to be a ruler in a common life but usually as a mediator and protector. The belief, wisdom and brief always come from the people because all of the excess be distributed to the local resident. Consequently the charismatic leader especially in tribes of Papua, the leader is well-educated naturally with many leadership skills, already tested by many knowledge and science.

Accordance with the objective comprehension above then it is very clear that there is no head of tribe in one of the clan in Papua. When the tribal chief known as someone who leads some different tribes such as language, authority area and so on. It is always selected unanimously by official forum, for example the tribe of Moni, Damal, Amungme , Kamoro , Lani , Dani , Yali, Mek and Ok. The question is whether these tribes had been doing the election before the out influence implemented in Papua? Are the ancestors of Papua has already had a mechanism in election of their tribal chief? So there is no evidence that show to explain as detail. If so the term of kepala suku (the chief of tribe) must be abolished or eliminated and by lifting back according local terms about it with call great men or big men that must be popularized continuously by many medias. One example that should be maintained is Kaka Kitki on Ok tribes from Pegunungan Bintang, thus the identity of a leader in leadership representation tribe is enforced.

This opportunity is also confirmed reinvestigation about appellation of Ondoafi, Ondofolo , Korano , and so on for the tribes in northern and western to proof the truth of its objective . While associated with the traditional leadership of tribes in Papua, the right structure today is the council of Papua indigenous fellowship. This institution will get the representation of charismatic leadership from its tribe. This is the abstract concept that must be reconstructed in order be clear for anyone who understand partially.

The second is embedding the clan of Papuan ton non-Papuan –by the Papuan indigenous tribe clean is the identity as personal as well as showing the extended family units’ hereditary characteristic with curly and black hair. In Papua, every tribe is prohibited for embedding in a certain clan to the different without going through the traditional ceremony. Papuan in this case embraces matrilineal kinship system so they cannot enter to the other area or territory. For example, gardening, hunting, fishing, and stemming sago.

This objective reality increasingly lost by legalizing the new clan with certain motif. Here are two case must be attention of the author, the first is Ok or the tribe of Ok in Pegunungan bintang . In 1990, the district of Abmisibil in Pegunungan Bintang was holding the initiation ceremony for boys to the stage of maturation. At the moment, Marsel who came from Ambon was initiated by the name “Ngalumsine Marsel T Urpon “. This embedding of the new clan is given by the owner of Urpon. The reason of giving it for him is not clear even what is exactly behind the lines. Marsel worked as the head of the catholic airlines company (AMA) in sentani before . Now Marsel Urpon has established a shop in Abepura with the name “ Ngalumsine Raya” but it moved away so we don’t know where is he now. The person is also never appeared in Pegunungan Bintang as well as worked in AMA. Is there a purpose to Ngalumsine Marsel Urpon and what is the impact of the clan of Urpon now and for the future? It is very important to dig this case to find out the reason why the clan of Pegunungan Bintang is given to Marsel who has no relation with Urpon. The entity of clan for Suku Ok (Ok tribes) is very essential in building an intimate solidarity and humanism and it translated as something that inherent to the individuals hereditary.

A similar event can be seen in 2014 when the inauguration if Ir. Jhon Rende Mangontan As a Lanni tribes with sling as Wenda by some people who claimed as a head of tribe. That inauguration drew the critics by intellectual and tribal leaders of Lanni as an owner. The secretary of Baptis Voice Papua was also demanded then didn’t agree about it (as reported on Jubi on 26 March in 2014). “I was a tribe and the owners of Wenda strongly disagreed for giving my clan to Jhon who is Toraja with clan of Mangontan. Meanwhile the same response stated by Socratez Sofyan Yoman that it was an insult and abuse or moral dignity of Papuans ( Majalahselangkah 26/03/2014 ) .

There must be openness, understanding and comprehension of each in order to retract the owner as soon as possible. We can analyze the explicitly implies that financial support and other property to the clan owner. Finally we concluded that this is a bad way of characters assimilation. We do agree that it is not ethic when we trade the culture, tribe and the clan as the heritage of Papua so far. It is more respectable when we have a clan itself unlike by exchange as Jhon Mangontan and Marsel above. This affirmation is very important for all intellectuals of Papua to take a part the practices which is no responsible by the certain elements that try to abolish the right of society.

The third is delivery the land because of the woman. This means that hybridization, monogamy always bring the bad effect then destroy the family living arrangement that have been built . There is a number of women that prepared by a certain elements to be married for a public figure such as , the head of tribes( kepala suku) , Ondoafi , their children and so on . This type of marriage is usually starts by giving a lot of materials and goods like rice, noodle, slats, money etc in order to humor and make comfort the resident for a while. The target is always to the persons who not been educated in formal school so that she or he being intimidated, bully and manipulated by other easily. As we see the facts that not only politically but also the religion is become a bridge of many interest. Papuan has known as a religious, strong enough in customs, so now the immigrant or other people always set a strategy to eliminate the best things that ever grew since god created in this land.

This problem have existed in front of the Papuan eyes, but they don’t know even don’t do the protest because they don’t have enough comprehension to go out of this situation. Embedding of the land of this ways had a long even more dangerous than selling as usual. Emotional closeness is more powerful in this case so that all the wealth are given away for free. Sometime People don’t realize how the land will belong to other people. One day our generation will be as beggars even rebels for lands. These phenomenon always takes place continuously while don’t realize by most of Papuan about this.

Most of us always claim ourselves as indigenous person while we don’t protect the heritage of it in making a map base on the clan with its right as a document for our next generation. It can happens because most of them are not educated customarily yet to protect and manage their culture, clan, an all of the customary right as well. Education process applies in Papua is not smart and educated but it makes Papuan more stupid and not productive in his or her live. People are more increasingly hostage by it process from the beginning until now.

The hypothesis from the three phenomenons that now is very important to rebuild the self-consciousness, family, and arrange their ethnic group as soon as possible. While the pressure, doctrine from other people is obsess continuously until they (the Papuan) burn their sacred items such as Rumah adat (custom home) as a symbol of the existence of clans for ethnic groups.

The pressure and a strong doctrine that always grows in Papua nowadays should be avoid and refuse strictly. Because it can be a separation between one and another, eliminate moral values and truth that ever existed before. Those influences make appear many human beings who have not the identity like a robot. A clan of the ethnic group in Papua is one of the ancestor entity that never been changed in vain. Nevertheless , the reality shows us that the Papuan them self sell their dignity, pride and big men just to gain money and power.

Besides there is a degradation of culture values so that appears a pragmatic, apatite, and egoism person increasing significantly in every single minutes. Base on the law of love (western doctrine) we share our shorts (open our holiness), for example base on the one faith for Christianity that the immigrant always appreciated by church figure. Therefore religion approach should be a special consideration in this case (giving the clan for Papuans). The church figure must be pay attention of this because the “love” that Jesus had taught for human now has been manipulated. By money, drunkenness, woman and corruption makes easy to destroy the land, water, and our man. This is we say “Papua makan Papua” such as murder, violence, selling the land, and the exploration and exploitation of all natural resources.

Written by A. Octaviaen Gerald Bidana

The chairman for development of the research institute and Ngapdon Papua


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