Jakarta-Komnews-The UN workers of peace for Afghanistan, Agus Wanda said (Thursday 1/29/2015) strengthen for peace in Indonesia now can be focused to Papua. Because the real prospect of peace in Papua under the president Jokowi is wide open.

“The commitment of the president Jokowi as being an innovative leader and populist is very easy to re-establish the optimism of peace in Papua. “, stated Agus in a International workshop entitled Experiences and Lessons learned Asia, in Jakarta on last Wednesday.

As reported on Liputan6, Agus who is active as UNDIP Rapid Response team for the conflict resolution affairs added, Indonesia should be used as an example success story in armed conflict resolution .Peaceful conditions are now felt by residence of Aceh, Ambon, and Poso can’t be separated from the cooperation of various parties and governments leadership in pursuing a strategy of peace building through dialogically, democratic, and inclusive.

Aceh, Ambon , and Poso today is a success story on Indonesia ‘s success in resolving domestic conflict .These three area in Indonesia can be an inspiration for peace for countries ,including in the Midle East is experiencing a protaced “ , added Agus again .

While the Executive Director of Grassroots Strategic Consulting (ARSC)-Oky Dimas Nugroho said, the success of sustainable peace will only happen in the dialogue could involve the participation of all civil society.

“Effort –inclusive dialogue is to be a solution in resolving the social conflicts. Therefore through this event we expect the efforts of healthy and rational dialogue can also be an inspiration for the resolution of political conflict, said Dimas.

The same thing is also stated by the chief staff of the Indonesia president ,Luhut Bisnar Pandjaitan, is that indonesia can be a role model of conflicts that occurs in various countries , such as Afghanistan , Palestine , syiriah , and Iraq. The succes of the Indonesian government’s resolve armed conflict as like in Aceh , Ambon,Poso can inspire others countries. .

“ Although domestic conflict resolution is not easy , but we are always grateful whenever a conflict erupts then Indonesia manages to maintain peace .we do not want to happen again because of the conflict in this country who are victims are always the civilians “ said Luhut when opening the workshop. .

However Luhut continued, the biggest challenge now is how to perpetuate and fill peace itself. Because the real issue is the economic, social welfare and equity fo all people. In this case, the government is not commited not only improve the well being, but also ensure there must be equity.

While the Deputy of Afghanistan peace and Reintegration –Farhadullah Farhad who also attended the even released, Afghanistan is undergoing a peace process which this quite sharp and winding. He hoped that the others countries can learn from Indonesia experience in resolving conflicts peacefully and dialogue.

“I, ve been to Aceh and I‘ve watched the peace process there. The war in Afghanistan has caused facilities in large numbers , thousand children and women .From year to year , it is still not finished and we think it can conflict resolution effort can be an example of Indonesia “, said Farhadullah. (Liputan6/Komnews/ Bryan Sevian)


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